Bar Ida

Coming Fall 2018



The family behind the legendary Chicago steakhouse, Gene & Georgetti, now in its third generation, presents Bar Ida.

Our steaks are prepared in the tradition of what our founders Gene & Georgetti loved. Superb quality meat, dedication to good, honest service, and not too much that gets between you and your steak. Great taste, that stands the test of time. Because classic never goes out of style…

For the first time in our eight decades, we are proud to introduce a new concept with Bar Ida—the Italian bar. Remnant of your favorite local corner place in Florence, Milan, Bologna… Where the coffee is superb, the menu locally sourced, recipes from the family, and the experience is authentic and fun.

This new concept, Bar Ida, carries with it from those 77 years the value of approachable, excellent service and hospitality along with the idea that we do not believe in yielding to trends. Rather, creating something timeless that is unafraid to embrace evolution. Read more!

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